Hosting Programs

No Particulars Duration Services Charges( inclusive of GST )
1 Total Academic Program Full Day Venue Charges, Breakfast, Tea, Audiovisual, Felicitations, Gifts, Invitation letters. Full page advertisement in IMA Plus, eCommunication and eCertification for MMC Credit Hours included 1,40,000
Half day 80,000
2 Program in collaboration with IMA for
accreditation purpose only
Full Day at venue other than IMA Pune 40,000
Half Day 20,000
3 Stall Outside auditorium / lecture hall 20,000
4 Table Space 20,000
5 Presentation during program ( Talk time 8-Min) 20,000
6 Distribution of printed material during program 5,000
7 Car Disply As per Segment 20k,30k, 40k

** For schedule of charges during workshop / conference like MULTICON or specialty conferences please see schedule of charges for that particular event.

Disclaimer:- We reserve the right to vary prices and rates in the event of changes in exchange rates or prices rise. All prices are subject to availability and can be withdrawn or varied without notice.