Indian Medical Association, Pune branch is the second largest branch across the country with a membership of 4,850.It was judged as Best Branch in Maharashtra State for it’s outstanding flu awareness and registering the highest number of members. It has it’s own newly constructed multistoreyed building with 2 AC Auditorium and offices of other colleague organisations. In Pune, there are still a large number of doctors who are not members of the Indian Medical Association. We earnestly request them to become life members of this prestigious Association.

  • Indian Medical Association is the largest Government recognized NGO, with the strength of more than 2,20,000 members.
  • I.M.A is involved in numerous projects and programs in co-ordination with the centre, the state and local offices.
  • I.M.A is the only recognized body which represents problems and need of the medical faculty to the Government and Society.
  • I.M.A Pune Branch has 85 years of rich heritage. Our new building project is ready with a spacious office complex, 2 AC Â Â auditoriums with large parking spaces and guest rooms.
  • I.M.A, conducts CME Programmes, Seminars, Conferences, etc. which helps tp update your knowledge. The Government has already planned 60 hours compulsory education in 5 years, for renewal of Medical Council registration.
  • Social Security Scheme of Indian Medical Association Maharashtra State, is a big boon. It has greater advantage over any other LIC policy and is more economical in its premium rate.
  • National Social Security Scheme of I.M.A also functions on similar lines with a higher benefit ratio. For both schemes, Indian Medical Association life membership is mandatory.
  • Indian Medical Association has a Medico-Legal Cell in which our members who are also law graduates, actively help doctors in case of medico-legal problems.
  • Being a life member of I.M.A gives you privilege in the processing of Bank loans discount on car purchase and other projects.
  • I.M.A members receive a Journal " J I.M.A" for head Quarters with latest updates in the medical field, " I.M.A Plus " monthly from Pune branch and an Executive Financial Directory
  • For Medico-Legal cases, IMA Pune has a special scheme for protecting Doctors up to Supreme Court. Attacks on doctors & hospitals.


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Steps for Application 

  1. Download the Form.
  2. Take 3 printouts of the form
  3. Fill the form and sign attach the required certificate.
  4. Quarrier the form to imapune address:-Dr.Nitu Mandke IMA House,
    992, Shukrawar Peth, Pune 411002
  5. send your transaction details and your

Indian Medical Association Pune Branch (IMA) is one of the largest and vibrant top 5 branches in the country. It is affiliated to IMA HQ in New Delhi through the IMA Maharashtra State branch (48,000 members). IMA Pune has around 4900 active members having qualifications MBBS & further Postgraduate degrees & diplomas of various disciplines of Medicine. The territorial jurisdiction is Pune Municipal Corporation. It will be interesting to have a kaleidoscopic review of its establishment, fabric & functioning.

Initially, it was formed as Pune Medical Congress way back in 1928 by about 40
enthusiastic practising allopathic doctors in the then town of Pune. The purpose was to exchange newer knowledge & developments in the rapidly advancing field of Medicine. They used to discuss difficult or interesting cases in the group meetings. Notable names of leaders amongst the group were Dr Bhadkamkar, Dr Coyajis, (Skin Specialist), Dr Dhamdhere, (who later became deputy Mayer of Pune Municipality). They later formed the trust which was ultimately merged into IMA Pune somewhere around 1996. So probably IMA Pune has sown its seeds even before IMA HQ was officially created. IMA Pune was registered as a society under the Indian Society’s act in 1941; later registered as Public Trust with Assistant Charity Commissioner, Pune in 1952. This was a statutory requirement. The number of doctors was increasing at a steady pace as the
town of Pune metamorphosed into a city & now into Metropolis. Apart from just the academic nature of the initial body, the need for the brotherhood of and mutual co-operation support was increasingly felt necessary. Then members felt the need for securing their own place for meetings, till then the meetings (usually monthly) used to take place in some member’s home or clinic or dispensary/hospital. Hence, one very good thing the doctors did was to PURCHASE own piece of land on Tilak Road in the 1950s (& not just get leased land from Pune Corporation) and they decided to build IMA House independently therefore the members collected Rs. 1000 to 5000 each as a refundable deposit to IMA. No contributions from Pharma or equipment companies were involved, thereby maintaining professional independence. IMA House was commissioned in 1954 and served the purpose of academic meetings, conferences, seminars workshops and exhibitions till the new building was inaugurated in October 2008. It’s worth noting that most of the depositor members after converted their deposits into “donations” unconditionally. This initial building was sufficient for the gathering of 250 to 300 members and the lawn outside has been many professional and individual/social family functions. It was a two-storied structure with a library, stage & board room as well as it housed the IMA Maharashtra State office till 2005. Having served well for about 50 years, a need was felt for having bigger and modern premises for ever-increasing IMA membership and growing dimensions of activities. Membership strength increased from near 400 in 1995 to 1600 in one year went on increasing to become about 4900 in 2019!. After prolonged thinking and discussions for over three years, it was finally decided to have a modest new building having two or at the most three-storey with a capacity up to 400 doctors. This was
thought over because of income constraints, as the accumulated surplus for the project was to the tune of Rs. 40 lakhs through conferences. (esp. from a surplus of Platicon1999 & Annual local conferences). However with the broad outlook imbibed by our close friends and experts in the field of construction, namely Mr Umesh Joshi (RCC Consultant), Mr Vishwas Kulkarni (Architects), Mr Dhananjay Kulkarni (our C.A.) and some others, we decided to have full utilization of FSI available for Public Trusts (i.e. 1.5). The question of fundraising was a major one and then the AGM put a condition that no part of the building would be sold on an ownership basis. Therefore it was decided to raise funds from our own esteemed members by way of Donations by approaching them individually and personally. Late Dr M. T. Alekar took a deep initiative by forming groups of 4 to 5 doctors visiting individual members at their residences or clinics and collecting their contributions. Late Dr Latkar and Dr Arun Halbe and some others like Dr Bhutkar, Dr Navarange, Dr Damle etc helped them. This was continued for over a year and after collecting over one crore we decided to approach Bajaj Group through good contacts of Dr Bhagali and Dr Mohan Akolkar. As soon as it was decided to go for construction of new IMA House, Dr Shreekant Kelkar
donated 15 lakhs and after the first floor was constructed, Padmavibhushan Dr K. H. Sancheti donated 40 lakhs. Later Dr Alka Mandke and her trust helped by handsomely donating Rs 1.2 Crore. Several other donors were approached who responded to our sincere and humble appeals and contributed generously. Many of our grassroots workers helped in various capacities like carrying our supervisory roles, purchases, fund collections, letter writing, following tax matters, getting PMC sanctions and so on. All our RCC work and Air-conditioning work was done gratuitously by M/S YS Sane & co. and Mr
R V Kulkarni, topmost consultants In their respective fields. Interior decoration was done at a nominal fee by Shri Hari Agashe and all legal help was given free by Adv. Wakankar and S. M. Sathe. It built a great team of dedicated, devoted, selfless workers who worked on the project for over 4 years with harmony and unity. Team building is a real long term aftereffect of this New Building Project! I have just mentioned a few names but all office bearers of IMA in those years supported the project wholeheartedly with undivided loyalty and attention! Later the Building Management committee decided to have surplus funds of at
At least 4 Crore for its perpetual good maintenance, a dream come through!
The new building houses 3 halls, a board room, 3 Guest Rooms, a terrace, offices and a parking place. What’s more encouraging is that the previous donors came forward to donate again for the next projects e.g. Dr Alka Mandke and Dr Shrikant Kelkar of NIO donated for the library and 5 th floor hall again—and they have initiated their respective orations in IMA conferences—that shows trust earned. We remain grateful for all of them. Activities of IMA Pune then flourished from only academics i.e. CMEs, conferences, updates, workshops to public health, disaster and epidemic management, social programs to a wide variety of publications, medicolegal cell of top quality, Rush teams to help in urgent matters, practice management and active functionality (having helped
over 2300 doctors), sports, development of individual skills and fitness—and so on.
Associations are not judged by buildings and halls but by the individuals working for them and the duties they undertake. It’s heartening to put on records, that IMA Pune aptly fulfils these expectations. Some other fields like Arts Circle, National and International tours, drawing-painting- cookery competitions are also some major activities for overall development.

Research Privileges security scheme for its members (IMANSS)

  •  IMA has an Independent Ethics Committee for promoting research amongst its members.
  • IMA has Independent infection Control committees for guiding infection control guidelines and antibiotic policy.
  • • MCI ethics regulation 6.8 h allows one to publish their research in IMA journals and conferences “h) Endorsement: A medical practitioner shall not endorse any drug or product of the industry publically. Any study conducted on the efficacy or otherwise of such products shall be presented to and/or through appropriate scientific bodies or published in appropriate scientific journals in a proper way”.
  • • IMA journal is indexed
  • • Articles in IMA journals are entitled to MCI research requirements
  •  IMA hash online adverse events reporting system e
  • IMA has online Performa on hypertension screening @
  • IMA has an online survey on diabetes in doctors @ Social benefits
  •  IMA is a professional and social platform for doctors updating their knowledge and helping new friendships & fellowship.
  •  Members have the privilege to stay in guest houses of various state branches all over the country. • Many states and local branches clubs with special programmes for spouses and children.

Social Media and IMA

  • Home Page
    IMA social presence is on Facebook (https:/, Twitter (@indianmedassn) and youtube ( m9WKQjs8gn5zlg).

Financial Benefits

One can claim income tax exemption for payments against membership. By using the IMA platform one updates one’s knowledge which results in more professional income. This type of
expenditure is allowed under section 37 of Income-tax of India” 37: general: Any expenditure (not being expenditure of the nature described in sections 30 to 362[***J and not being in the nature of capital expenditures or personal expenses of the assessee), laid out or expended wholly and exclusively for the purposes of the business or profession shall be allowed in computing the income chargeable under the head “Profits and gains of business or profession”

  •  One can give donations to IMA and get an exemption under 80G.
  • IMA runs a pension scheme.

. IMA runs a health scheme.

  •  IMA helps its members in cases of death or disability through IMA benevolent fund. • IMA has a costing department that rationalizes professional fees and charges

Privileges for IMA owned Medical Establishment • IMA has a hospital board of India wing with its branches in various states.

The Hospital board look after the interests of clinical establishments owned by IMA.

IMA also has tied up with NABH for facilitating entry-level NABH accreditation of small health care facilities (<50 beds).

Legal Help and Protection from Litigation

  •  IMA Anti Quackery wing fights against quackery in the country
  •  IMA has its own IMA Mediation and Grievance Cell for handling patient-doctor and doctor to doctor disputes.

IMA has IMA Self Code of Conduct

  • IMA has IMA Digital Code of Conduct

• IMA has Social Media Code of Conduct

  •  IMA with NATHEALTH has a code of conduct for institutions
  •  IMA with A11PI has a code of conduct for smaller establishments
    IMA is making a code of conduct for doctor pharma, doctor chemist, doctor nurse, doctor patients and doctor hospital relationships.

IMA runs a nodal centre for UNESCO Bio-Ethics,

● IMA raises issues through RTI on regular basis.

  • IMA legal cell files P1L and raises issues for amendments in-laws
  •  How to respond to a complaint, IMA has a format • IMA has a white paper on what is not unethical

IMA has a paper on when not to use antibiotics

  •  IMA has a paper on dilemmas faced by medical professionals

IMA Contribution to National Programmes

  •  IMA RNTCP (IMA-GFATM-RNTCP-PPM-RCC -Project) provides training to doctors in TB treatment. IMA clinics have an opportunity to run Dot Centers, designated microscopy Centres and Peripheral Health Institutes.
  •  IMA has been participating in every Pulse Polio Programme and is largely responsible for its success.

International Agencies

IMA Child sexual Abuse Initiative with UNICEF provides training in Child Sexual abuse.

  •  IMA provides a platform to interact with other associations of the world. IMA is affiliated with Nepal Medical Association and British Medical Association. IMA is also a member of The Confederation of Medical Associations in Asia and Oceania CMAOO (18 countries), WMA World Medical Association (111 National Medical associations), Common Wealth Medical Association CMA and WONCA (WONCA’s short name is World Organization of Family Doctors). IMA leaders have been the presidents of WMA and CMAAO.

IMA Influences National policies

  •  IMA representative is a member of the Indian Nursing Council, ESI board, National Board of Examinations and Central Cour Ith and Family Welfare.
  •  Many IMA members have entered Indian and State Politics.
  •  IMA members today are in bureaucracy, IAS. IRS. IPS, IFS, Indian Politics, Memi parliaments, MLAs, Councilors, Ministers etc.
  •  IMA representatives are members of the National Medical and Wellness Tourism Board
  •  IMPACT is Indian Medical Professional Associations’ Coalition against Tuberculosis associations are Indian Medical Association, National College of Chest Physicians, Indian Society, Associations of Physicians of India, Federation of Family Physicians of India and Academy of Pediatrics.
  •  IMA is a member of National Technical Drug Advisory Body, National Accreditation Bo Hospitals, Quality Council of India, Bureau of Indian Standards, National Council for Establishments, Central Supervisory Board under Section 7 of PCPNDT Act and Na Immunization policy group, National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization.

● IMA has standing committees on all issues of national importance

  •  IMA organizes regular stakeholder meetings including CAMSI (Confederation of Associati Medical Specialties of India).
  • IMA has a parliamentary doctor’s wing. All doctor members of parliaments are its member on regular basis raises issues in parliament.

Medical Students Wing

  •  IMA has medical students wing: https//
  •  IMA is fighting for the implementation of NEET.
  •  IMA is Liaoning with MC change in UG and PG curriculum.

Young Doctors wing

  •  IMA has young do

up to five years of MBBS),