Medico Legal Committee


Dr. Meenakshi Deshpande




Dr.Ashutosh Jape



This was established in 1992, by  stalwarts and founder members Dr . Subhash Behere, Dr
Jayant Navarange, and late Dr Mahesh Tulpule. Dr Sanjay Gupte, Dr.         were also
The main objectives included promotion and upgrading the medical knowledge of clinicians
in association with relevant laws, rules and regulations, which are applicable in day to day
practice. Such advancement of Medico-legal information also aims to uphold the dignity of
the medical profession with cooperation amongst members by helping them to face such
situations. It also aims to improve the knowledge of allied professionals and scientists,
thereby improving the practice principles.
For attaining these, our branch conducts regular monthly morning  meetings with case
discussions on active problems and their solutions, which are attended by dedicated
members and lawyers.
Advice and counseling sessions are offered and arranged to IMA member doctors who find
themselves in grave and complicated situations :

  • PMC hospital issues and problems
  • Labour laws and issues
  • MSEB tariff issues
  • Certificates and records
  • Death certification
  • Human Rights Issues
  • Information Act Notices
  • Problems faced I/v/o tubectomy, sterilization, MTP, PCPNDT, POCSO Act
  • Criminal arrest warrants
  • Hospital violence / damage
  • Manhandling
  • Threats
  • Compensation Claims
    We are very much proud and glad to say that, under the leadership of Dr.Jayant Navarange Sir, IMA Pune MedicoLegal Cell has helped more than 2350  doctors in such complicated cases, with positive results.
    .Our ML cell is an asset to IMA Pune and has tremendous value addition for its members. All members trust the cell so much that even they seek help for their personal legal issues like family problems, inheritance and succession planning or disputes, matrimonial disputes, property and land matter too.
    I am proud to announce that Lately, this cell has completed it's SILVER JUBILEE. We have also conducted a first it kind’s,  in the year 2016-17.
    IMA Pune Certificate Course in MedicoLegal issues, designed by Dr Navarange Sir, helpedby Dr . Meenakshi Deshpande, which was of 7 full day module. Many stalwarts were invitedas faculties, who rendered an excellent teaching and interactive couture…More than 70doctors were benefited by this course..Now latest is  we are running an ILS with IMA Pune 10module Online certificate course of Medical profession and Law. More than 55  personshave registered for this 10 module, Saturday afternoon online course and getting benefittedby interesting and interactive discussions.

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