Women Doctor's Wing


Dr. Aarti Nimkar


Dr. Patwardhan Vaijayanti

Dr. Vaijayanti Patwardhan


Dr. Geetanjali Sharma

Dr. Sharma Geetanjali


Dr. Objectives of Women Doctors Sub-Committee :

1. To get more women members of IMA to come forward and work for IMA.
2. To get more women members to enter into mainstream activities of the local IMA branch.
3. To involve Women Doctors in all the various activities carried out by local IMA branches.
4. To work for promoting the issues related to improvement of health of women, children and elderly like Female infanticide, Maternal Mortality, Infant Mortality, Anaemia Control, Adolescent Health, care of the elderly etc. To encourage Women Doctors to take keen interest in community welfare activities, particularly education, health camps, immunization centres and baby show, etc.
5. To undertake various programs and projects to increase fellowship amongst women
members of IMA.
6. To deal with any other matters as may be considered necessary for the welfare of its
7. Join the local branch in organizing its activities as and when necessary.