Indian Medical Association - Maharashtra State - Social Security Scheme

As Office bearers of IMA Maharashtra State, Social Security Scheme, Dr. Jayant Navarange (Chairman), Dr.
Prakash Marathe (Secretary), Dr. Meenakshi Deshpande (Treasurer) and Dr. Ambrish Shahade (Joint Secretary) took
the responsibility with huge support from IMA Maharashtra State, IMA Pune Office-bearers, Dr. Sham Damle, IMA
Pune Trustees, the managing committee of IMA Maharashtra and IMA Pune and members across Maharashtra State.
At the AGM of 2019 it was decided to shift the office our SSS shifted to Pune. Though a lot of official papers
were shifted to Pune, some important documents were missing. On top of it, the auditors were of the opinion that the
scheme must pay GST from July 2017. It was a hard task to patch the available accounts together. This was a very
cumbersome and gruesome exercise. But we crossed the dateline much before.
Under the able captainship of Dr. J R Navarange, a team of about 20 doctors worked on different fronts. Files
were trimmed, indexed by some. Some went through those files and listed all the respective nominees. Some kept
calling our members to make sure we have correct addresses, mobile and landline numbers to have better
communication in future. All, but a few, members were really cooperative during this exercise.
Due to pandemics, physical meetings were impossible and all the work done was through virtual meetings. They
were with office bearers in and out of Pune, so also, with our auditors. To, collect the FFCs from members, notices
were sent on SMS and WhatsApp. Postal and Courier’s services were not operational. The team of volunteers extended
their help. There were more than two hundred members who did not pay FFC and defaulted, but with help of
volunteers, it come down to below 100 i.e. 81. Our office has now dedicated staff in a well-appointed room on 4 th floor
of our IMA Pune building.
It was a herculean task to give shape to the Scheme at Pune. Needed furniture, CCTV, Intercom, desktop,
cupboards, circular cabinet, shelf/rack etc. were installed. Record files of all members were freshly rearranged. Sets of
50 were prepared instead of 75 to reduce the crowding as well as discarding depilated files. The strong team of 20
volunteers from IMA Pune is actively contributing towards the smooth functioning of SSS.
Getting all records from the previous office was a big challenge as some records were missing. To continue with
the same which had so many lacunae was a great challenge. But we are trying our level best. Especially retrieving the
data about previous voluntary deposits was a problem.
Henceforth Annual reports and other communications will be sent via soft copies and/or website. So, please
check your emails frequently for routine communications.
We earnestly request all of you to update your active (functioning) mobile number and email ID to Presidents/Secretaries of all branches and MC members of IMA MS SSS are requested to
Introduction of a fresh website ( with so many useful links like an online membership form,
online payment facility etc. is launched and will be available for regular use shortly.
We request you to become members and spread the word to your colleagues. It’s a mutually beneficial and time tested
financial scheme for doctors run by doctors! There is no prerequisite of medical examination which is very important
in pandemics like the current one, which can be a recurring feature in future.
Last year GST was over Rs. 2,96,38,000/- was paid
Our investment is around Rs 16 CRS.
Salient Features of Resolutions passed in AGM 2020
1) Shortfall recovery fund of Rs 1L to be recovered from beneficiary amount.
2) For disability benefit only 50% is to be given when alive, the remaining 50% will be given to the nominee after the death of a
3) For age groups 50-55 and 55-60, the admission fee has been raised from Rs 4000 to 10000 and 5000 to 20000
respectively after 1st April 2021
4) Retired members up to 786 need not pay annual fee of Rs 236 separately.
5) Exit policy for first 10 senior members by membership number (only 60% beneficiary amount) to be offered.
6) For early deaths during 1 to 3 yrs, 20% will be cut. For 3 to5 yrs, 10%- cutting from death benefit claim
Dr Jayant Navarange continued as Chairman SSS for the next 3 yrs i. e. up to AGM 2023.

We Appeal to all IMA Branches to enroll fresh SSS members

Awards and appreciation for maximum membership given to IMA Akola, Karad and Dhule
Appreciation awards are also given to volunteers and dedicated workers
Each IMA Branch should nominate ' Branch Coordinator, for IMA MS SSS' from every branch of IMA Maharashtra
We hereby inform you to send the name of one of the members of your branch to be appointed as ' Branch Coordinator,
Criteria for appointment of ' Coordinator, for IMA MS SSS'
He should be an active member of your branch, may or may not be the office bearer of your branch.
He should preferably be a member of the Social Security Scheme
He should take interest in the activities of the Social Security Scheme like enrollment of new members, collection of
Fraternity Fund Contribution (FFC) every year, settlement of death claims, follow up and revival of defaulters etc.
Please send the name along with his contact details to us by email on and with a copy to
Scheme Details

Eligibility: Life Member of IMA Maharashtra State Branch through any local Branch/Direct up to the age of 60 years.
Advance Fraternity Contribution: 10,000/- is paid as Advance Fraternity Contribution, which is returned (without
interest) after death.

Admission Fees: Depending on completed age admission fees are paid as per the below table. This is a one-time fee taken
at the time of enrolment + 2 yrs Annual Subscription (i.e. Rs. 400/- total).
Fraternity Fund Contribution: Every year in the month of April a demand notice is sent with an amount calculated as 200/- multiplied by the total no. of deaths in a year will be paid by all members with an annual subscription for 1 year
with Rs. 200/-.

Maturity and Benefit: Members contribute for 25 years. The benefit will be given on death / permanent physical or
mental disability after 1 year of enrolment unless by accident. Those dying within 1 to 3 years of joining—deduct 20%
amount and 10% amount from those who die between 3 to 5 years of joining.
Total membership 8227. The last benefit paid Rs. 8,46,400/-.
The amount payable during enrolment as a member
Admission Payment Structure as per Age from 1st April 2021

Revival of Membership-A special feature of IMA MS SSS


The deleted members of up to the past 2 years-deletion on account of non-payment- can revive their membership of IMA-MS-SSS as per rules.

Deleted members, who are defaulters for more than 2 years’ FFC’s, can join as fresh members if they are below 60 years of age. They will have to pay 25 FFC contributions

afresh. Their death benefit will start after 365 days of joining the scheme. Their previous payments stand forfeited.

Number of IMA MS SSS members: approximate 8200 Beneficiary/death claim amount: Rs 8,44,000/-.


Stay safe, Stay fit, Stay Healthy!

The date of registration shall be on the acceptance of the documents and payments as per the schedule, subject to realisation of cheque. Incomplete documents will result in delay in enrollment. Every year in month of April Rs 100/- per Death X No of Deaths in year = _______ + Rs 100/- Annual Subscription= Total, a demand note is sent to every member. This money is known as “Fraternity Fund Contribution”(FFC). Rs 70/- of this is paid to the nominee of the deceased member & Rs 30/- goes to form a Corpus. The interest of this Corpus will take care of the FFC payment of the doctors who have survived & Paid Contribution for 25 years in the scheme and who are not needed to contribute thereafter. The nominees of deceased members will recieve Rs. 3,79,610/- + 3000 refund of Advance Fraternity Contribution. For each of us it is a Small Step , But For our Dependents it will be a great help What we Need?

  • A form, duly completed, with endorsement of the Hon. Secretary/ President of local branch that you are a life member of IMA or Certified copy of Life Membership Certificate issued by   IMA HQ, New Delhi
  • Age Proof- Certified copy of school/ College Leaving Certificate/ Passport/ LIC Policy 1st Pg. / Local Self Govt. Birth Certificate / PAN Card. [No Driving Licence / Election Card please]
  • Cheque( From Mumbai Area)/ Demand Draft( From Outside Mumbai Area) of the appropriate amount
  • A name of nominee, if there are more than one nominees, the full benefit amount will be given to the first named nominee. In case 1st nominee expired to the 2nd nominee, unless specified otherwise.
  • Passport Size Photo to be pasted in Photo Space 1 of the applicant and two of the nominee
  • Dispute of any nature whatsover to be Subjected to Mumbai Jurisdiction Only.

I.M.A Maharashtra State Social Security Scheme Eligibility Form

Presentation on Social Security Scheme Download