Advertise in IMA Plus

Sr. No


Amount (Rs.)

1 Insertion up to 25 words
(For IMA Members only)
1000 /-
2 Quarter Page ((Approx 7cm x 9cm)

(Black and White only)

3300 /-
3 Half Page (Approx 15cm x 9cm)

(Black and White only)

6000 /-
4 Full Page Black and White(Approx 15cm x 20cm) 11000/-
5 Full Page 4 color inner page (Approx 15cm x 20cm) 14500/-
6 Cover Page 2 or 3 – Four Color 26500 /
7 Cover Page 4 – Four Color 29000 /-
8 Advertisement at a specific page in four-color 15000
9 Sponsored Article 7000/=per page

Terms & Conditions:

1. For consecutive 5advertisements 6thadvertisementwill be given free
(Provided payment is received in advance)
2. For 10 paid advertisements 2 will be given free.
3. InaFinancial year, the total number of6advertisementswillbe printed at the
cost of 5 advertisements.
4. 10%discount given to any IMA member for his profession related
advertisement other than insertion.
5. AdvertisementinIMAPlus &IMAwebsiteat10%extra.(Foronemonth
6. Cheque should be drawn in a fever of “ IMA Pune Publication

Dr. Aarti Nimkar
President, IMA Pune

Dr.Rajan Sancheti / Dr. Sunil Ingale
Hon. Secretaries, IMA Pune

Disclaimer:- We reserve the right to vary prices and rates in the event of changes in exchange rates or prices rise. All prices are subject to availability and can be withdrawn or varied without notice.