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Subcommittees Tasks, Chairpersons and Members
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PresidentDr.Sanjay Patil Hon. SecretariesDr. Raju Varyani Dr. Rajan Sancheti
1Building CommitteeTo maintain IMA building as well as various assets and infrastructure owned by IMA PuneDr. Avinash Bhutkar
Dr Jayant Navarange
Dr Hemant Karandikar
Dr Damle
2Mahabaleshwar CommitteeTo look after land at Mahabaleshwar, maintain sell etcDr. Avinash Bhutkar
Dr. Jayant Navarange
Dr. Subhash Behere
Current President
Current Secretary
3Finance CommitteeTo supervise accounts and investments and guide treasurerDr. Sham Damle
Dr.Jayant Navarange
Current President
Current Secretary
Current Treasurer
4Office administrationTo oversee functioning of office, its staff members and day to day activities in IMA. Maintain discipline and suggest improvements.Dr. Jayant Navarange
Dr.Arun Halbe
Dr. Avinash Bhutkar
Dr. Sham Damle
5Membership DriveTo encourage prospective members to become members of IMA, go to outreach areas and other associations to enroll membersDr. Mohan Joshi
Dr. Jayant Navarange (Advisor)
Dr. Shreekant Kelkar
Dr. Sachin Sangamnerkar
Dr. Ashutosh Jape
Dr. Gauri Oka
Dr. Anant Kulkarni
Dr. Sunil Ingale
6Program committeeTo conduct various educational activities of IMA as well as other related programs such as CME, Workshops etcDr .Madhuri Lokapur
Dr. Nandkishor Mantri
All Secretaries
7Liaison with regulatory authoritiesLiaisoning with regulatory authorities such as Pune Municiple Corporation, Maharashtra Medical Council etcDr. Sanjay Patil
Dr.Rajendra Joshi
Dr. Milind Khedkar
Dr. Jayant Navarange
Dr. Ambirish Shahade
8IMA Publication AdministrationTo oversee administration of IMA Plus and other publicationsDr. Avinash Bhondwe
Dr. Padma Iyer
9IMA Publication FinancialTo look after financial aspect of IMA Plus including advertisements and expenditure on publicationDr. Suhas Nene
Dr. Sanjay Patil
10IMA Publication Designing and PrintingDesigning and printing of the monthly magazine IMA Plus as well as other publications of IMA PuneDr. Maya Tulpule
Dr. Hillary Rodrigues
11Social activities and rural healthTo conduct various social activities for IMA members and organize various programs for rural health initiativeDr. Rajkumar Shah
Dr. Padma Iyer
Dr. Meenakshi Deshpande
Dr. Aarti Nimkar
12School health, medical education and researchTo conduct health check-up for school children. Promote programs for medical education and conduct research in medical field.Dr. Vaijayanti Patwardhan
Dr. Maya Tulpule
Dr Rajkukar Shah
13SportsTo conduct various sports activities for members of IMA.Dr. Milind Khedkar
Dr. Sanjay Patil
Dr. Jayant Navarange
14Liaison with IMA MS and HQs & SSSLiaisoning with Maharashtra State IMA and IMA Head Quarter at DelhiDr. Dilip Sarda
Dr. Avinash Bhondwe,
Dr. Nandkishor Mantri
Dr. Sanjay Patil
Dr. Arun Halbe
Dr. Khinvsara
15HBI Hospital wing and PRHospital Board of India Pune Chapter, is hospital wing of IMA. Owners of hospitals which have allopathic doctors in administration can be members.Dr. Sanjay Patil
Dr. Padma Iyer
Dr. Ambirish Shahade
Dr. Aarti Nimkar
Dr. Nitin Bhagali
Dr. Sachin Yadav
Dr. Rajeev Doshi
16Ladies wing and LibraryTo conduct programs for and on behalf of Garima Manch of IMA and to look after library of IMA PuneDr.Vaijayanti Patwardhan
Dr.Nirmala Daultani
Dr. Girija Wagh
17Medico Legal CommitteeTo discuss various legal issues having importance with respect to medical profession and formulate guidelines for membersDr Jayant Navarange
Meenakshi Deshpande
Dr Mohan Joshi
Dr Suhas Nene
Dr Santosh Kakade
Dr Subhash Behere
Dr Rajeev Joshi
18SpokespersonTo draft statements to be issued to media for and on behalf of IMA Pune, to conduct press conferenceDr. Jayant Navarange
Dr. Avinash Bhutkar
19DiaryTo publish annual financial diary of IMA Pune, to collect advertisements with help of management committee membersDr. Sanjay Patil - Secretary
20Arts circleTo conduct cultural programs for IMA MembersDr. Mohan Joshi
Dr. Anil Panse
Dr. Shreekant kelkar
21Organ DonationTo conduct programs for promotion of organ donationDr. Arun Halbe
Dr. Hillary Rodrigues
22eCommunicationsTo maintain website of IMA, communicate with members using electronic mechanism and eCertificates for CMEDr Rajeev Joshi
Meenakshi Deshpande
Dr Raju Variyani
23Social Security SchemeTo increase awareness of members and encourage their participation in social security schemeDr. Hemant Karandikar
Dr. Ambrish Shahade
Dr Jayant Navarange
Dr. Damle
24IMA AMSIMA AMSDr. Maya Tulpule
Dr. Sunil Ingle
Dr. Hemant Karandikar
Dr. Pradeep Khinvasara
Dr. Nirmala Daultani
25PCPNDTTo organize educative programs with respect to PCPNDT act and to help members in case of difficultyDr. Meenakshi Deshpande
Dr.Sunil Ingle
Dr.Girija Wagh
26GeriatricsTo conduct programs for geriatric patientsDr.Pradeep Khivasara
Dr. Hillary Rodrigues
27Management CommitteeOverall supervision of the work conducted by various committees and office bearers, policy decision
28Office bearersTo conduct various tasks for and on behalf of the management committee for day to day working of IMA
IMA Actitities Since April 2017
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Medicolegal Assistance
From Presidents Desk
   It is an honor to get elected as the President of the most prestigious, vibrant, active and one of the largest branches of IMA. It gives me immense pleasure to communicate with you through our monthly bulletin IMA Plus. I am thankful to managing committee of IMA Pune and Life members of IMA Pune for giving me this opportunity to work as the President of IMA Pune. I assure you that I will try to put my best efforts to justify your belief and faith in me. This organisation has a rich leagacy of 91 years.
Know our president
   We, at IMA Pune, are fortunate to have great legacy of getting very dynamic, energetic, principled and helping leaders successively, to lead from the front. After a very eventful and successful tenure of Dr. Padma Iyer, we have at the helm of IMA’s affairs Dr. Sanjay Patil, a non-assuming but towering personality and risen to this level from the level of grass root, hard core worker.
Dr. Sanjay Patil
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