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DateNews itemHeadLine
116-Oct-2017Meeting of Medicolegal CommitteeNo Surgery in hospital without ICU
Bonded Candidates being declared Bogus doctors.
202-Oct-2017Meeting of Medicolegal CommitteeNo surgery in hospital without ICU
318-Sep-2017Meeting of Medicolegal committeeNo operations in nursing home without ICU; SC
404-Sep-2017Meeting of Medicolegal CommitteeMedicolegal CME on 10th September, 2017
Who has liability in case of employee of hospital committing negligence?
Conflicting decisions of MCI and Government of India
Whether gynecologist should do abortion on demand?
Change in act for shop act
whether doctor can claim loss of practice?
Whether PMC can open cases against doctors who have been acquitted by courts?
531-Jul-2017Meeting of Medicolegal CommitteeDoctor should not give narration based on guesswork of what may have been done by others when interrogated by police.
Record refusal to undergo surgery/follow adivse and take signature of patient in front of independent witness.
Do not pay money to avoid harassment or exploitation, as exploitation may continue..!!
617-Jul-2017Meeting of Medicolegal CommitteeMMC to suspend 4 pathologists
How long case papers should be preserved?
No consent for shifting or shifting against medical advise led to penalty
Consent for OPD treatment of suturing CLW and need to inform police.
Duration of retaining case paper for psychiatric patients.
Doctors should be careful while issuing certificate : ask for government issued photo ID.
MCI cancelling registration of doctors who went on trip sponsored by pharmaceutical company.
BAMS, DA can practice as anesthetist
Collective defamation of medical community by huge hoardings on roads.
Communication from IMA with media needs to be improved substantially
Fixing hoarding outside IMA for information of public interest
703-Jul-2017Meeting of Medico Legal CommitteeTechnicians signing lab reports and Corporate labs advertising
Case in High Court against Police Officers
Decision on application for euthenesia
Adverse publicity in the form of hoardings and candle light march
Compensation awarded under West Bengal Clinical Establishment Act
Jana Arogya Abhiyan Survey
Relatives of neonate refused transfer to NICU
Wrong order by consumer forum without understanding the case
Recording each LSCS between 8:00 am to 8:00 pm
Bogus case intended to harass the doctors.
826-Jun-2017Meeting of Medicolegal CommitteeSo-called inspection of hospital by health department.
Is doctor allowed to own business firm in his name?
IS this error of judgment or negligence?
Who can practice anesthesia? How to prevent adverse publicity?
Appointment of BAMS residents in Allopathy hospital. Judgement against doctors
IMA should file a RTI application on health dept stand on appointment of non-allopaty doctors.
Publication of infomative booklets
912-Jun-2017Meeting of Medicolegal CommitteeHow can patient be asked to vacate bed which is required for many other patients?
POSCO is misused by police for harrassment which should be deprecated.
Criminal proceedings for not adhering to provisions of POSCO
Insist on PM in case of any accidental death.
Problem of technician run lab with inappropriate support from qualified pathologists.
1029-May-2017Meeting of Medico Legal CommittePresident of the forum does not agree with expert
Judge has discretionary power of referring case for mediation.
What happens if doctor does not have money to pay compensation?
How to choose a lawyer?
Zika virus alert
IMA condemns pathologists / radiologists giving signed letterheads to Labs owned by technicians.
whether doctor who has cleared DNB can appear directly for MD/MS?
If you are managing a patient with foreign body left in body in earlier surgery..
Doctor refusing to hand over discharge card or any other document..
1115-May-2017Meeting of Medico Legal has been shifted to
Retinopathy of prematurity may lead to blindness
Medicolegal risks in invasive non surgical proc.
Dr Vitul Shah has written to PMO
Studied approach for handling generic drug problem
MCI has been penalized
Price cap for tests to be conducted at labs
Protection of doctors who give advise on ICT
patient seen in emegency dies before admitting
infinormation of patients in hosptial to police