Membership of IMA Pune is a great way to achieve a sense of belonging, meet like-minded individuals and form lifelong friendships with people who share a common interest.

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It is an honor to get elected as the President of the most prestigious, vibrant, active and one of the largest branches of IMA. The improvement of public health and medical education


IMA Pune:
List of Doctors Treating Home Isolation Covid Patients

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Guest House

Kindly note that it is not a Hotel but your Home away from your Home.

Hosting Programs

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Social Security Scheme

Some years ago, the think tank of IMA, Maharashtra State formulated a scheme

Welcome to IMA Pune

Indian Medical Association

We wish to improve our image in Society.
Over the last 5-6 years, our fraternity all over India, is facing many problems, unjust new laws or amendments regarding our profession which lead to increase in violence against healthcare. Obviously we were shocked, worried and disturbed. For us safe, calm and a secure atmosphere is desirable.

IMA proactively took a stand to fight this by conducting protests and agitations. Now we are becoming stronger, well organized and united and are ready handle any challenges in coming times. We are no more a soft target. This sends a strong warning to our opposition. Last week during my interview by ABP Maza and Loksatta – under title of Vichar sanhita, I put forward our sentiments and views aggressively. This was not to oppose any political party but to send clear and loud message that we are no more soft targets and we are strong and alert!
To sum up, let us come together, unite, work hard and enjoy!
I seek your blessings!

Know Our President

We, at IMA Pune, are fortunate to have great legacy of getting very dynamic, energetic, principled and helping leaders successively, to lead from the front. After a very eventful and successful tenure of Dr. Sanjay Patil, we have at the helm of IMA’s affairs Dr. Aarti Nimkar, a non-assuming but towering personality and risen to this level from the level of grass root, hard core worker.

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Medicolegal Assistance

We offer services

Dr. Nitu Mandke IMA House

Library and Reading Room (4th Floor)

Only IMA members allowed – can be used for small group meetings of 20-30 persons. Optional A.C. facility.

Late Dr. Y. G. Bodhe Board Room
(3rd Floor)

Ideal for conducting professional or business meetings. Can accommodate 40 persons. Excellent audio-visual systems, A.C. facility. Snacks and beverages permitted.

Late Manutai Paranjape Community Hall (5th Floor)

Seating capacity of 80 persons with adjustable stage and podium. Modern audio-visual system. Optional A.C. facility. Catering services permitted.

Guest Room Accommodation
(5th Floor)

IMA Pune has three A.C. guest rooms only for IMA members all over the country. Two rooms with 3 beds and one with 2 beds. Excellent view of surrounding area. Attached toilet facility. Security round the clock. Cable T.V., WI-FI & intercom services. Many good quality restaurants in the vicinity. All transportation facilities close by.

Please Note : No Smoking and Tobacco @ IMA premises anywhere.

1) the undersigned, hereby apply for the Membership of IMA Maharashtra State Social Security Scheme,

2) I do hereby declare that the above answers are true and that I have withheld no information whatsoever regarding the Members will get the notice of demand of FFC latest by 1st May, asking to pay latest by 31st May, every year
without Late Fee. Between 1st June & 31st, July one will have to pay FFC + Rs. 100/- LATE FEE. Between 1stAug. to 30th September one will have to pay FFC +Rs. 300/- LATE FEE. Nonpayment on 1st October will lead to automatic deletion & the member will have to go through the extra payment & exercise of revival of membership. This will be followed strictly. The excuse of notices not received will not be entertained. Every member must jot down the due date of FFC payment & must enquire with the office if the notice is not received, latest by 10th May every year.application.

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We accept VOLUNTARY ADVANCE DEPOSIT towards FFC & ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION in multiples of Rs. 5000/-(members can pay Rs. 5000/-, 10000/-, 15000/etc) in advance. The office will deduct the outstanding payment every year & send the statement of their balance deposits. This is totally VOLUNTARY. You may opt/may not opt to pay In advance. This amount will not earn any interest. In case of the death of a member,
the balance deposit will be refunded to the nominee along with the death benefit amount. This will spare members from the annual exercise to pay FFC in time and threat of deletion.


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Cancellation Policy & Refund Policy :Refund will be initiated on the same day of cancellation It will take between 7 and 25 days for the refund amount to reflect in your bank account. In case of Netbanking transactions, certain government banks may take some more days.

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